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    1) Friendship | 00:43
    2) Title song | 07:48
    3) Planning | 12:10
    4) Leadership | 19:39
    5) Broadmindedness | 26:56
    6) Hope | 33:21
    ★ Friendship
    The friendship between Kathu and Appu is phenomenal even if there are fights. The first story of Kathu is of friendship. Here their friendship moves to another world and another level. Watch this story.
    ★ Title song
    Kuttikkurumbee.... Kunjikkurumbee..
    Kanavake nirayum kathu
    Kaliyadananayoo vegam
    Kulirayi nirayum kathu
    Manamakeyazhake vegam
    Ammathan muthanu nee
    Achanu thenanu nee
    Konjum kurunnalle nee
    Arum kothikkukille
    Kittu pinangum neram
    Mutham kodukkille nee
    Snehathal moodille nee
    Vavede vashiyellam
    Appoonu chankanu nee
    Piriyatha koottanu nee
    Ullil thulumbumishtam
    Poonthen madhuramalle
    Kanavin mozhiyanu nee
    Theliyum manassanu nee
    Thullum kusruthiyalle
    Kanavake nirayum Kathu
    Kaliyadananayu vegam
    Kulirayi nirayu kathu
    Manamakeyazhake vegam
    ★ Planing
    From the playground, Kathu and Appu were dropped in the middle of a dense forest. The adventure was amazing so far and both of them open their eyes after a long fall from the top of a steep mountain. Kathu opened her eyes and saw a pair of cute eyes and long ears watching her. That was a bunny named Mottu. He said the place is "kurinji" forest. The place was so beautiful and dangerous too. What happened next? Watch this story.
    ★ Leadership
    Chemban the wolf. With careful planning and analysis, Kathu and Appu managed to cut a big jackfruit on Chemban's back. The wolf was unconcious, Kathu and Appu went in to the rabbit hole in search of Mottu. What happened next? Watch this story of leadership.
    ★ Broadmindedness
    Chemban the wolf. The trio tricked Chemban and escaped themselves to a rabbit hole. Through the rabbit hole Kathu and Appu entered a crowded restaurant. There they have an encounter with the local rowdies and Kathu over powered them. But behind the bushes two long ears were observing the whole scene. What happened next? Watch this story.
    ★ Hope
    The rabbit hole took them to the busy restaurant of the forest. Kathu had an encounter with the local goons and she kicked them away. Suddenly a wild cat beat the duo down. But the suddenly happened thunderstorm saved Kathu and Appu. Once the storm settled down. Kathu saw the wild cat under a fallen tree. Both of them saved the enemy and he said he will help them to go back home. Suddenly they heard the galloping followed by the tiger roar. What happened next? Watch this story.
    Kathu4 is the fourth volume of the superhit Malayalam animation cartoon series Kathu. Kathu is a family story. The cute kitten named Kathu is the central character of the movie. She lives with her mom dad and younger brother Kittu. Appu the squirrel and two grasshoppers are her best friends. Their neighbors include uncle crane, the kingfisher family, and the oriole family, the mother hen, and her chicks. The haughty cat Kandan is the villain. Their pranks and plays comprise the movie.
    The first volume of Kathu released in 2011 for the first time. The animation film became a superhit among children within a very short period. Malayali families warmly welcomed the second part of Kathu in 2014. Without blood splashing violence and bad language the clean content of Kathu is unanimously accepted by teachers as the best aid for moral education. And soon Kathu was selected as the best children's programme by Government of Kerala in 2015.
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