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  • Wolfoo and Mommy Plays Colorful Vending Machine Toy for Kids: Wolfoo and Lucy help their parents with housework to have money to buy colorful fruit juices in the vending machine. But the vending machine was broken, causing Wolfoo and Lucy to return home with sad expressions. Mom suggests Wolfoo and Lucy make a DIY colorful vending machine out from cardboard and pretend to play buy fruit juices. Let's enjoy these funny stories with Wolfoo, kids
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    The episodes in video:
    03:23 Wolfoo Plays with Colorful Vending Machine Toy
    06:32 Wolfoo Plays Selling Toy Dinosaur Cars for Kids
    10:01 Wolfoo Plays Cooking Fruit Ice Cream
    13:05 Wolfoo's Vending Machine
    16:24 Wolfoo Visits an Ice Cream Truck
    19:22 Wolfoo Becomes a Rich Kid
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