Kanpur & River Ganga - Stand Up Comedy by Harsh Gujral

    Every Group has a Kanpuriya friend tag your Kanpuriya friends!
    Bringing you this time 'Kanpur & River Ganga'! If you know that Kanpur is my city and it is famous for Gutkha(Tobacco), this is definitely gonna crack you up! Watch my third video where i talk of my city Kanpur what is it famous for and how to save our rivers from getting polluted. This video in a funny way comes up with a social message to avoid eating tobacco and saving your rivers from getting polluted. Share with your family and friends if this video sends you a message with a HAHAHAHA on your face. Cheers!!
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    Sound: Sreejit Menon
    Video: Unnaggi Productions directed and edited by Akshit Arora
    Venue Courtesy: The Laugh Store
    Video Shot In BAS KAR BASSI Show by Anubhav Singh Bassi(Special Thanks)
    Special Thanks: My Parents, Sisters, AS, Karan Makol, Vishal Sahani,Kartik Malhotra, Chunky Bhatla, Pritish Narula, Rohit Gaur, Kshitij Pandey, Shailendra Singh & Anand Verma.

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