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    "The story of Colours is based in Coonnoor, where Lt. Col. Dr.Rajalakshmi lives with her family. The story begins from where she gets the news that someone has been released from jail. And the trip to bring that someone home gives her time to take a trip down memory lane, and we are told of things that took place a year ago.
    Rajalakshmi lives in Coonnoor along with her two daughters Pinki and Pooja and her father-in-law, Pushkaran Pillai. Pinki, who is a kind of tomboy, goes around with a group of guys and is most of the time engaged in shooting for her television show Colours. Her constant companion is Rahul, who wields the camera for the television show. Though Rajalakshmi doesn't approve much of what she does, Pinki couldn't care less, and even calls her mother Pattalam Rajalakshmi (Pattalam meaning army in Malayalam). However, she does love her mother and stands by her whenever needed.
    Pooja, on the other hand, is the typical coy girl, and her mother's pet. She's a teacher and is in love with a guy, with all support from Pinki. The two siblings share a very intimate bonding. In the meantime Rajalakshmi detects a fraud that has been going on in her hospital regarding the sales of medicines, and she is intent on bringing the culprits to book. This earns her some enemies. Lt. Commander Sanjaynath turns up at this juncture. He is a close family friend and is on transfer to Coonnoor. On the very day of his arrival, he locks horns with Pinki, who had been his childhood friend. From here develops the plot."
    Star Cast :Dileep,Roma,Cochin Haneefa,Sadhique,Venkat Bose,Innocent,Jayakrishnan,Maya Viswanath
    Director : Raj Babu
    Writer : V.C. Ashok
    Music Director : Suresh Peters
    Produder : M. Mani
    Studio :Sunitha Productions.
    Digital Partner : Unisys

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