Phir Hera Pheri

  • Raju finds out about a fantastic scheme which would double his money. He meets a bank manager who is actually a con woman. She convinces Baburao and Shyam to invest more. After the initial investment, they even sell their bungalow to invest more money. Raju also convinces Pappu a small-time goon to invest some money. Weeks later, the trio realise that all this was a scam and now they are penniless. When Pappu turns up at the trio's bungalow to take his share, he realises that the bungalow now belongs to a Parsi gun collector. Pappu loses his mind as he had borrowed money from a deadly gangster Tiwari. Tiwari threatens the trio to return his money or else he will kill them. How will the trio arrange for such a big amount in such a short span of time?

    Category : Indian Standup Comics


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