Generation Gap - 1990's vs 2020 || Standup Comedy || Anuj Serya

  • Watch 'The Official Berozgaar' for ultimate comedy videos. Hi, I am Anuj Serya and this is my latest stand up comedy video on Generation Gap
    1990 ek daur tha, 2020 kuch or hai!
    Kids who were born during the 90's saw a very different world from the kids born after 2000. For ex - mobile phones
    Kids during 90's had to wait 18 years for a mobile phone. But now, bacho ke daadi k baal aane se pehle hath me mobile phone aa jata hai.. Isn't it?
    Hope you enjoy this generation gap stand up comedy video. If you're millennials or Gen X you will like this video
    Do let us know in the comment section what changes do you feel have come in these decades
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