LSG Webinars:Performance Consulting, Learning Leadership and escaping the Training Ghetto

  • Performance Consulting, Learning Leadership and escaping the Training Ghetto
    Nigel Harrison, Chartered Business Psychologist ,Performance Consulting UK
    Donald H Taylor, Chairman, Learning and Skills Group
    How do we get out of the Training Ghetto and into the area of Learning Leadership? What role does Performance Consulting play in this, and what exactly do Learning Leaders do anyway? Join Nigel Harrison and Donald H Taylor in conversation on this, as they explore how Learning Leaders engage with their sceptical clients and build the credibility and power of their L&D team within a clearly identified group of stakeholders?
    Why learning leadership is risky -- and what the alternatives are
    The characteristics of Learning Leaders
    Inhibiting factors in most organisations: Comfortable Extinction and the Training Ghetto
    How to turn Unacknowledged Prophets into Learning Leaders
    How leaders are using Performance Consulting to break out of the mold
    Nigel Harrison
    Founder of Performance Consulting -- UK
    Nigel works with some of the World's leading organisations to implement Performance Consulting in their organisations. His most recent clients are Coca Cola, ESG, Qualcomm, GSK, Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, Thomson Reuters, Xerox (He was 2009 European Learning Partner of the year) and AstraZeneca (who have licensed Nigel's approach throughout the global company).
    Nigel's publications include; Improving Employee Performance as part of the Sunday Times Creating Success series. How to be a True Business Partner by Performance Consulting available from Amazon or from

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