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  • Mobile Learning in Practice
    Imogen Casebourne, Director of Learning, Epic Learning
    Organisations taking their first steps into mobile learning can easily become overwhelmed by the multitude of considerations that exist: multi-device learning, responsive design, delivery platforms, tablets, smart phones, app stores and much more. Without the benefit of practical examples and proven experience, it can be difficult to see how different approaches will work in practice, or to decide what will work best for your organisation or sector. Join Imogen Casebourne as she looks at some real world examples of how organisations are deploying mobile learning today. This is an opportunity to look at several different approaches and compare them to what is happening within your own organisation. The examples look at the following:
    Just-in-time learning
    Games-based learning
    Multi-device e-learning courses
    On-the-job product training
    Imogen Casebourne
    As Director of Learning, Imogen ensures that Epic's learning solutions remain cutting edge and evidence based. Since joining Epic in 2004, Imogen has designed e-learning programmes, learning portals, large-scale blended solutions, mobile solutions and serious games. She is also responsible for Epic's thought leadership programme, which includes speaking at events and conferences, overseeing our educational resources and engaging in research and consultancy for Epic's clients.

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