France To Hong Kong Education Tour Webinars on 13 &14t October 2020

  • "France to Hong Kong Education Tour" will organise free, thematic webinars and 1-on-1 speed-dating sessions with 25 French higher educational institutes, including world leading schools in business, sciences and the arts.
    If you are interested in studying in France, and want to discover more, stay in touch with us as we reveal further details. Take this first step in making your dreams in France come true ????????
    Choose France – 13 October 2020 [Tue]
    - From 12 pm: Study Business – Educational and Career Opportunities
    - From 6 pm: Experience the French Touch [gastronomy, hospitality, perfumery, and culture – cinema, language, fashion & art]
    Register here:
    Choose France – 14 October 2020 [Wed]
    - From 12pm: Study Business – Educational and Career Opportunities
    - From 4:30 pm: Explore Science and Engineering
    Register here:
    [[Speed-Dating Sessions]]
    Take this chance to connect with participating French representatives through 15 to 20-minute individual consultation sessions. Getting to speak directly with your future school via a personal consultation session is the first-step in finding more about the programmes you are interested in, their admissions procedures, scholarship opportunities, as well as student life in France.
    Register on our dedicated platforms now :
    "法國高等教育香港巡迴展" 將由25所法國世界領先的高等院校聯合舉辦。在此將舉行免費的網絡研討會和和快速約會 (Speed-Dating) 環節,其中包括商科、理科和藝術類​​的世界名校。
    如果你對法國留學感興趣,並想了解更多,請與我們保持聯繫,我們將為你揭曉更多細節。"邁出這第一步,讓你的法國夢想成真" ????????。
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