Life Long Learning Webinars - Addressing sexual harassment in school: using a human rights framework

  • The next in our Life Long Learning Webinar Series is brought to you by Audrey Osler and Beate Goldschmidt-Gjerløw. This webinar was presented for people interested in learning more about sexual harassment in school and what teachers can do to address this in class, and for people who care about social justice and would like to explore the possibilities of a human rights framework for examining everyday dilemmas in schools. This video shows the presentation section of the webinar, the discussions with participants have not been included for privacy, but they can be found in summary on our blog.
    Keep your Wednesday afternoons free for more of our Life Long Learning webinars where you can attend and join in the lively discussions too. Please go to our Eventbrite page here to see the next webinars all on offer for a suggested donation of £5.
    Our focus as an organisation is providing access to education for all children everywhere. To do this we need to share knowledge and learning and raise funds too, and we’ve been developing ways to do both at the same time. Our partners are giving their time to share educational webinars on useful topics for a wide range of people, they also offer a percentage of any subsequent course sales to support the project work of the Foundation so that we can achieve our goals.
    To support our work you can donate to us here.
    This webinar series is raising funds to provide technology and network connectivity to ensure teachers and students across the world can access the same learning opportunities in a safe way that others take for granted. We also know that in today’s climate many people can’t offer the support they could before. So we are offering these useful, educational webinars on a ‘£5 per ticket or donate what you can’ basis so that all of our supporters gain something, and can help change the world at the same time.
    Please have a look at the webinars coming up soon on the link below, they are almost always held on a Wednesday afternoon, so keep your diary free and come and learn something invaluable, whilst helping others around the globe have access to the same opportunities. Thank you.

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