Probiotics: Dental Considerations. Continuing Dental Education Webinars. Live & On Demand. AGD PACE

  • 1 CEU: Live and interactive. AGD PACE
    COST: No charge
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    DESCRIPTION: Probiotics have been used as a natural therapy for periodontal inflammation including periodontitis, gingivitis, pregnancy gingivitis, and halitosis. This webinar will explore current research, indications, dosage, and implications for oral health improvement.
    Compare types of probiotics on the market; supplement and food.
    Discuss probiotics mechanism of action
    Demonstrate the breakdown of probiotic labels; genus, species, strain.
    Define and compare prebiotics and probiotics.
    Describe dietary sources of probiotics.
    Explore research concerning probiotics and oral health outcomes.1 CEU: Live and interactive

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