CGI 3D Animated Short Film "ELIDI" Adorable Animation Cartoon for Kids by Sheridan College

  • A happy clown named Elidi that comes out of a pop up book and meets a sad marionette in the corner of an old study room desk. Elidi then tries to make the marionette happy. Elidi means "The Gift of the Sun". The sun is a symbol of a new day, a new smile, and new hope. It's a very heartwarming story made to make you all smile and happy.
    Elidi (2013) Animation, Family, Children, Musical
    Produced at Sheridan College (
    CREDITS: Concept, Story, Design, Modeling, Rigging, Layout, Animation, Lighting, Compositing, and Sound Editing by Sheree Evelina (,, Music: "The Music Box" by Geoff Harvey and Chris Martyn from
    HP People's Choice Awards, Shaw Media Journalism/Media Awards, Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2013 Semifinalist, Animated Eden -- Cumbria, UK : September 8th 2013, BANG Awards 1st Screening - Lisbon, Portugal.
    "The Clown is the 'puer aeternus', the eternal child in all of us. And the best part is, we are all already our clowns. They are here inside us, waiting for us to recognize them so that they can come out and play." - Jan Henderson
    All shaders for characters, pop-up book elements, and study room's wallpapered background are carefully hand drawn & painted to bring the unperfect, organic, handmade, and warm human look & feel. Enjoy.
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    Category : Kids


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