South Indian Insults | Stand Up Comedy By Arnav Rao

  • North India and South India are divided by many things but united in their love for curse words ... Arnav Rao attempts to bring people together using the love for cursing. When you want to learn a language, you learn how to swear in that language because it provides insights into the people. That's exactly what Arnav Rao brings to the table, how to swear in South India !!! You'll get to learn swearing in 4 different languages (Tamil, Telegu, Kannada & Malayalam) but use them only with friends !!!
    Venue Courtesy: The Habitat, Mumbai (Kudos to Balraj for making this a haven for Stand Up)
    Edited by Suhas Navarathna
    Shot by The Habitat Video Team: Dishang Popat, Harsh Shah, Vivian Castelino and Vriddhi Sawlani
    Sound Recording by The Habitat Audio Team: Swarada Bodas
    Sound Mixing & Mastering by Sreejith Menon
    Thumbnail Design: Diya Bhojnagarwallah
    Special Thanks:
    Suhas Navarathna, Suman Kumar, Madhav Vaidyanathan, Deeraj Reddy, Abilash & Rakesh Bala for providing me with the choicest of insults !!!

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